A Chinese-Indonesian in Tulle

How does a woman from Indonesia end up on a work exchange at an apprentice training centre in Tulle, France? Read on to find out!

CFA Les 13 Vents welcomes Meliana, its first Workawayer from indonesia.

Bonjour tout le monde! Je m'appelle Meliana. I am a Chinese-Indonesian who moved to a little village near Limoux in southern France approximately 16 months ago. I am a marketing and branding professional and a freelance writer/photographer for travel and lifestyle publications in Asia. Together with my business partner Ronald, we run a scuba diving travel company, What The Fish, based in Indonesia that offers custom dive vacations and dive courses..............Lire la suite


The joy of cooking
Tuesday, 9 October 2012
It's gloomy and rainy outside, a perfect day to stay indoors. I am pumped up with energy and adrenaline as I walk into the kitchen to meet Chef Claude Sallas, Professeur de cuisine. The apprentices are already there all geared up in their kitchen outfits. I, on the other hand, get the pleasure of wearing a white plastic coat, which looks like a white bin liner, and a hat which resembles a shower cap. I suppose I have to work my way up to a more respectable outfit...................Lire la suite

Bon Anniversaire, Michel et Sarah!

A Chinese-Indonesian in Tulle
My first French birthday party invitation with the lovely Caillard family.
Tulle as seen from the other side of the hills.
What a wet, hazy, lazy Sunday! I'm meeting Mr. Michel Caillard in town for coffee - chocolat chaud pour moi (one of the first words I learned in French) - on our way to the birthday lunch at Claude's...............Lire la suite

Mercredi 17 Octobre 2012
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