Exhibition of Spanish artists at CFA Tulle

Two Spanish artists, Angel Gomez Espinosa and Xavier Obeso, have been invited by the town of Tulle and the school of CFA des 13 Vents to exhibit their chosen works for one month at the CFA. The exhibition will last from 16th May until 7th July 2014.

Angel Gomez Espinosa

Angel Gomez Espinosa was born in Errenteria in 1958. He trained at the Beaux-arts de Bilbao. The artist has successfully held exhibitions all over the world, including Madrid, Errenteria, Havana…

A picture of the students with the two artists and the old and new mayors of Errenteria. The exhibition marks the successful twinning of Tulle and Errenteria.

Taken at CFA on 16 May.

Xavier Obeso

Xavier Obeso was born in Renteria in 1952. He has taken part in individual and collective exhibitions. His works have toured the world and will stay for a while in Tulle for our enjoyment.

Vendredi 23 Mai 2014
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