For the love of croissants

CFA is a very difficult place to work at. Quite terrible. Why, you ask ? Well, the answer lies in the short video below !

Home to a butchery, patisserie, award-winning chefs, and the kindest servers, working here means spending the whole day tempted by croissants, pastries, and multi-course meals. As an Australian student until very recently, my usual diet at home was a piece of dry toast and coffee for breakfast, a sandwich or salad for lunch, and tuna pasta for dinner (unless I felt like cooking, in which case, a more elaborate meal for dinner). This world of sugary indulgence is as overwhelming as it is exciting ! Kashpee Wahid

" Hello ! My name is Kashpee (Kash) and I'm from Australia. I'm a lawyer by profession, currently taking a year-long break to travel around France, with the goal of learning French. I absolutely love French food and the countryside, and I'm really excited to be a part of the CFA community for one month ! " Kashpee Wahid

Mardi 3 Février 2015
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