From thursday to Sunday

The next days of my adventure in Tulle at CFA13Vents.

At my third day at CFA13vents i ate my first breakfast in the restaurant, because on the other days i prefered staying in bed longer. Mais je vais dire quelque chose a propos de la langue. Comme j´ai dit j´ai etudie francais seulement pour 6 semaines en Suisse. Mon francais est pas tres bon.Et parce que je pense je comprends plus comme je peux parler, et je vais continue en anglais maintenant. Of course it´s hard have a longer converstaion if you don´t speak very good french, but as everyone is friendly and would like to help you, it is a lot easier than you might think. This kindness, I would name as the main reason for the very good atmosphere at CFA13Vents. I will just give you one simple example, because you can´t name everything, which together makes you feel welcome at CFA13vents,so, whenever anyone gets a coffee, he will ask you if you would like one as well. And as I said thats only one example out of many. Every Friday the students leave at about 12, so after I did some preparation work for the next year, there was no work left for me in the afternoon.

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Vendredi 21 Décembre 2012
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