Interview & Reportage photo :"English-practice"

Dans le cadre des "English-practice ", nos apprentis effectuent des Interview et des reportages photos. Ces Interview et ces reportages photos sont ensuite commentés en cours d'anglais avec Ouided Bouachour professeur d'enseignement général en anglais.

Interview :

Galaad & Marie
Galaad & Marie
Today, we interview Gallad KOU, who is in BP Restaurant first year. He went to Nuremberg from the first of March to the eighth of March to represent the French Restaurant business.

Marie : Good morning Galaad. Have you got a few minutes for me to talk about your trip ?
Galaad :Good morning. Yes, why not !

M : Where did you go ?
G : I went to Nuremberg.

M : How long did you stay there ?
G : I stayed there for one week.

M : What did you do ?
G : I sold products from Limousin and I waited tables.

M : Did you enjoy it ?
G : Yes, it was a great experience to discover German culture and their lifestyle.

M : Is their culture different from ours ?
G : Obviousy yes, on many points.

M : Did you work in a restaurant ?
G : No, I worked in a fair.

M : What king of fair ?
G : There were many things and our stand was in the « discovery of Limousin » part.

M : Did you speak much English ?
G : No not much only when people did not understand me when I spoke German.

M : Where did you stay ?
G : I stayed in a hotel with a panoramic view on old Nuremberg.

M : Did you go shopping ?
G : It was not possible because of our working hours.

M : Did you meet new people ?
G : Yes I met some people who worked in the French hotel business.

M : Who for example ?
G : The two heads of « Logis de France »

M : Did you want to come back to France ?
G : I missed my friends and family, but not my studies.

M : Thank you for your time.
G : You’re welcome.

Interview & Reportage photo :"English-practice"
Reportage photo du 1 décembre 2010 effectué par le groupe de BP restaurant et commenté par la classe de CAP restaurant.

Interview & Reportage photo :"English-practice"
The head waiters gives explanations on the menu.

Interview & Reportage photo :"English-practice"
Commis start cleaning the plates, the cutlery with vinegar and the glasses with steam.

Interview & Reportage photo :"English-practice"
Preparing mayonnaise with garlic, ketchup, mayonnaise and tabasco.

Interview & Reportage photo :"English-practice"
Preparing mayonnase with olive oil, garlic,salt, pepper and sunflower oil.

Interview & Reportage photo :"English-practice"
Preparation of the seafood platters composed of: prawns, oysters, snails; mussels on a seaweed bed with mayonnaise, French dressing, shallots and salted butter.

Interview & Reportage photo :"English-practice"
We order the preparations for the starter garnish: red wine vinegar, shallots,salted butter, mayonnaise with lemon.

Interview & Reportage photo :"English-practice"
Then we cut lemons into slices for the finger bowls.

Interview & Reportage photo :"English-practice"
We set the tables with table cloths and place mats, then the cutlery, the plates, the glasses and we fold the napkins.

Interview & Reportage photo :"English-practice"
The English participants arrived, we sat them in.

Interview & Reportage photo :"English-practice"
BP students present the menu and take the orders helped by 1st years students who are “commis de rang”.

Interview & Reportage photo :"English-practice"
The menu is
- For starter: Seafood platter,
- The main course: peppered steak and courgettes flan,
- The cheese: cheese plate,
- The dessert: Chocolate cream.

Interview & Reportage photo :"English-practice"
Serving the starter.

Interview & Reportage photo :"English-practice"
Serving starters and the main course.

Interview & Reportage photo :"English-practice"
Each BP student flamed the meat in front of the client.


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