Interviewed Stephane Pillet the new chef in the training center

On Wednesday the 8th of October 2008 , Stephane Allogne and Incardona Florian, pupils at the training center in the CPA group, interviewed Stephane Pillet the new chef in the training center (=cfa)

Hello ! good morning
-My name is Florian
-My name is Stephane Pillet
-My job is chef cook, I’m a teacher at the CFA
-Why did you choose this job?
-I chose this job because it’s very interesting you can work around the world and you can learn different recipices every day.
-Have you worked abroad?
-Yes I worked in England and Belgium.
-When did you start as a cook and where?
-I started as cook in 1984 at AUBERGE DU VIEUX CHENE in MALEMORT.
-How long have you been here?
-I started working from 1984 to 1989

Interviewed Stephane Pillet the new chef in the training center
We met Stephane Pillet in the CFA’s kitchen on Wednesday the 8th of October.He is the new cooking teacher at the CFA. And we made a report about his job .
He has worked at the CFA for 2 months. He started as a cook in 1984 at “Auberge du vieux chêne “in Malemort . He learnt cooking from 1984 to 1989 in the CFA les treize vents.
He likes working in the CFA , he finds interesting to teach students.He chose this job because he like’s travelling around the world . He has already worked abroad: in England and in Belgium.
He doesn’t have a restaurant but his speciality is FOIE GRAS. He makes traditional cooking .
We spoke about molecular cooking , he doesn’t do it yet, one day may be!

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